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E-Design Services

E-Design services are for the DIYers at heart. You are adventurous and do not mind getting your hands dirty! With
this service I offer a simple yet affordable alternative to our full-service design. E-Design is perfect for clients seeking
direction from a designer but do not mind doing a little legwork to prepare, manage and implement the project

The process is simple. I gather information from you to learn what you envision for your space, and then I create a
beautiful and functional custom design plan for you that serves as a do-it-yourself guide to create the space
yourself. With e-design, you can tackle the design of your home one space at a time, at your own pace, and as your
budget allows!

Our e-design plans include all the tools you will need to create a well-designed space that fits you and your unique
style. Check out the information below to learn more.


Perfect for the person that needs
a bit of inspiration and a jumping
off point to re-design their space.

  • Questionnaire
  • Sketched Furniture Plan
  • Design Concept Board with furniture inspiration
  • Color Palette
  • Key Design Ideas
  • Shopping List


Full package E-design services offering
everything you need to complete the
project including the vision itself!

  • Questionnaire
  • Floor Plan & Furniture Plan
  • Design Concept Board with all furniture selections
  • Color Palette
  • Detailed Design Ideas
  • Shopping List with Budget
  • Conceptual Sketches
  • Design Revisions (limited to 2)


Your Goals


To start, I send you a
client questionnaire to
gather information about
your project requirements, your design goals and what you envision for your space.

Get Ready


Then, I will have you take
measurements and
photographs of your space
for me to utilize during the
design. If needed, I will ask
for additional information.



Next, I create space plans,
design and color concepts,
as well as furniture and
finish selections, that fit the
functional and aesthetic
needs of your space.



Lastly, I organize all our
design ideas, tools, and tips
into a comprehensive e-
design plan that will serve as
a do-it-yourself guide to
implementing the design


E-Design Plan

All e-design packages include a complete e-
design plan with the design tools (per the
package listings above) and a to-do list with
designer tips to help you get started
implementing the design!

Entirely Online

All e-design services, and correspondence for
your project, will be conducted entirely online from the comfort of your own home. This means no need to schedule in-person appointments, showroom visits, etc.

Furnishings & Decor

All furnishings, decor, etc. included in our e-
design plans are readily available to you at
affordable, national retailers open to the public, making it really simple for you to implement the e-design plan yourself!


With the streamlined e-design process, once we
start the design of your project, you'll have a
complete e-design plan within a couple of weeks. I also provide two weeks of complementary email support as you get started!

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