Color Trends for 2022

COLOR defined: the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light.

The world of design is every changing. The way color has played different roles throughout the decades helps to shape the look and feel of our homes. Homes from the 60’s and 70’s adorned gold and avocado green appliances; orange sofas; and brown sculpted carpets as along with vibrant pops of color. Pastels began to dominate our homes in 80’s with accents of mauve, baby blue and teal. In the 90’s these pastels turned jewel tones with marrons, emerald green and deep hues of blue. The 90’s also introduced heavy patterns of wallpaper and wall stamping (which is back on trend now but in a different manor). Fast forward to the 2000 and everything became warm and neutral with rich cherry stained cabinets and flooring, gold granite counters and textured stone backsplashes. These spaces were accented with deep red, gold and brown walls. As we transitioned from the warmth we took a drastic turn to grey. People quickly learned that grey was not just grey. It could be a purple grey, blue grey, green grey and even a taupey (is that even a word) warm grey. Over the past few years the grey has been fading out and we are seeing warmer and brighter homes coming back into the trend. From warm natural oak floors to white on white wall, trim and cabinets accented with natural elements on greenery to bring life into a space and accents of black and warm metals such as champagne and brushed gold.



Because this world of design and color is ever changing it is important the keep up on the up and coming color trends in the industry. A few months ago I sat in on a color seminar through Sherwin Williams forecasting the color trends for 2022. This was all virtual, so I was able to work at my desk and watch the live presentation at the same time! This online seminar was so interesting because the talked about many different trends and used design as a visual on these color trends in a space rather then just discussing the actual colors themselves.  These photos below are credited from this Colormix Forecast 2022 course by Sherwin Williams.

Our first color pallet for 2022 that the presenter introduced was METHOD. They used images showcasing art deco furnishings, soft organic shapes and natural textures of woods, linens and wicker. Sherwin colors which were highlighted were Accessible Beige, Evergreen Fog (which is in fact the Sherwin Williams color of the year for 2022 BTW), Urbane Bronze, Woven Wicker and even Beige. Did you know Sherwin Williams had a color actually called BEIGE? I never knew this! Every image used to showcase this color pallet called METHOD has a very light and airy feeling about the space.


The next color grouping the was discussed was OPUS. Opus embarked a dramatic feel of modern maximalism, industrial glam and pops of eclectic style to create drama in the space. Deep unexpected colors were highlighted such as Garret Gray, Iron Ore, Coral Clay, Naval, Red Bay and Blackberry. These images of OPUS all have a very classical feel to them with neutral flooring and using dynamic color to create movement throughout the space.


As we take a look at the third group of colors discuss, close your eyes and imagine yourself in the fresh spring air walking through your Grandam’s garden. Take on the aromas of nature. Open your eyes and you are welcomed with colors of natural green hues, tones of neutrals with pops of pinks and purples. This color grouping is classified a DREAMLAND. Some of the colors represented in DREAMLAND are High Reflective White, Natural Linen, Rose Tan, Rosemary. Felted Wool, Cucuzza Verde, Lite Lavender, Rose, and Dynamo. Images represented in DREAMLAND evoked the feeling of peace and calming spaces.


The final color palette, EPHEMERA, is an updated color palette of the primary colors. Images used have a very heavy mid-century modern vibe with natural wood tones combined with textures and metals. Colors showcased include vivid pops of color such as Sierra Redwood, Peace Yellow, Inky Blue, Moody Blue, Basque Green and Rejuvenate. These colors represent the nostalgia of the past and optimism of the future.


Color is not just color. Color evokes a feeling, sets a mood, can create a conversation and can soothe us. Color allows us to express our own personal touch. Its a part of us. It moves us.